How to use


MyWater cleaner is intended for use in outdoor whirlpools, small swimming pools and hot tubs and jacuzzis with a water volume of more than 700 liters but less than 2000 liters. The substance does not leave anything in the water that would cause odors. Destroys bacteria from the bath water, clarifies the water, removes unpleasant odors and cleans and destroys the biolfilm accumulated in the pipeline. MyWater is a 100% chlorine-free, skin- and environmentally friendly and very easy-to-use cleaning chemical.


  • Read the instructions before use
  • Do not pour substance A or B separately into the bath water without mixing the solutions according to the instructions.
  • Chemical mixing may only be done outdoors with special care.
  • Do not breathe the gas formed from the mixture of chemicals, the gas is dangerous for health if inhaled.
  • A and B solutions are usable for 2 years from the date indicated on the bottles
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not drink liquids, if the liquid gets into the eyes or open wounds, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention.


  • Make sure that the pool bath temperature is above 24 degrees. The chemical works best when the bath water is above 24 degrees.
  • The chemical compound works regardless of the pH value. It is recommended to keep the pH value within the guidelines, an incorrect pH value may cause neck pillows and plastic parts to fade, for example. We recommend checking the pH value (guideline value 6.5 – 7.6) before using the substance.
  • Remove loose objects from the pool water while adding the chemical and taking effect, for example thermometer, drink holder, etc.
  • The use of the chemical can be started even if chlorine has already been used as a cleaner, If you used other cleaners or combination in bath, we do not recommend use MyWater before replacing water. We cannot be sure what other manufacturers’ ingredients contain and how they react to MyWater’s active ingredients. We recommend that you change the bath water before using MyWater.


  1. Pour 50ml of liquid from the A bottle into the C mixing bottle found in the package.
  2. Pour 50ml of liquid from bottle B into mixing bottle C. The water purifier is now activated and turned yellowish.
  3. Screw the cap on the C mixing bottle and shake lightly. After this, loosen the cap (gas will be released from the bottle). Wait 5 min.
  4. Pour the cleaning agent into the jacuzzi or tub. Make sure the substance mixes with water. The water turns yellowish.
  5. Let the substance act for about 1 hour (the time may vary depending on the dirtiness of the water) – the jacuzzi or hot tub is ready for use when the yellowish color has disappeared.
    • Rinse the C mixing bottle with water after each use.
    • Repeat water purification every 1-2 weeks, depending on use.

 Other considerations 

  • Keep the pool lid open for at least 15 minutes after adding the substance.
  • Ensure the mixing of the chemical with a pool filtration cycle or a bubble system. The substance can be poured directly into the filter if possible.
  • Pools without a separate filtration system, make sure that the substance is mixed after adding to the pool water by using, for example, a pool water mixing paddle.


  • Pool water remains cloudy.
    • Check the water hardness from the water supplier. Recommended hardness < 5 °dH or 0.90 mmol/l. AAdjust the hardness of the water with the substances intended for it.
  • Pool water foams.
    • Make sure that the pH value and water hardeness are within the recommended values. Make sure there is no biofilm, dirt or soap residue in the piping of the outdoor hot tub. Clean the pipeline with the intended substance. Change the bath water.
  • Fading is observed in the plastic parts of the pool
    • Make sure that the cleaning agent is mixed and used according to the instructions. After adding the substance, make sure that the lid of the outdoor jacuzzi is open for at least 15 minutes.