What makes MyWater a superior cleaner

Mywater cleaning chemical is based on the effective interaction of two different ingredients. Gas is released when the ingredients are mixed together, after which the cleaner is safe and ready to use.

Really chlorine-free

Many manufacturers market their products as chlorine-free. When the water is measured in more detail, it can be stated that many cleaner leave chlorine residues in the hot tub water. Mywater is really 100% chlorine-free and therefore does not leave chlorine in the hot tub.

Chlorine-free makes skin problems users life easier.

Chlorine is never healthy for anyone. And especially for users with sensitive skin. With Mywater cleaner, everyone in the family can enjoy a hot tub without red eyes and itchy skin.

Let the children dive

It is safer for parents to watch small children playing in the water, knowing that the MyWater cleaner does not damage children’s eyes or skin.

The future is in nature

It is really important to think about what kind of world we leave behind. Chlorine and other cleaning chemicals may contain substances that are really harmful to the environment. MyWater is nature’s best friend when it comes to hot tub water cleaners, leaving a very small Co2 carbon footprint.

Kills bacteria, even the worst ones

After numerous tests, it can be concluded that the Mywater cleaning chemical kills the bacteria measured in hot tub water very effectively.

You only need one cleaner

You don’t need to buy numerous different chemicals like with chlorine based chemicals.

You don’t have to be testing and measuring the pool water every week.

One substance is enough, this makes using the bath as easy as it could ever be. Add both substances to a 50ml mixing bottle and the substance is ready to be added to water.

The easiest and clearest of all to use.

MyWater jacuzzi cleaner works in almost every jacuzzi or hot tub with a water volume of more than 700 liters but less than 2000 liters.

No measuring, no weighing.

You just mix 50 ml and 50 ml of both substances and add to the bath water.

The only option that really cleans the biofilm from the pool piping.

In addition to the fact that Mywater cleans the hot tub water very efficiently, it also cleans the biofilm from the pipeline very effectively. In this way, the need to clean the pipeline is reduced, and your hot tub stays in significantly better condition. The flow of the pipeline is always optimal, it does not stress the components of the outdoor jacuzzi and the water always remains clear.

An effective cleaner reduces the amount of filter washing and replacement.

As with other substances, the filter has to be washed very often and replaced with a new one. The clean and clear water made possible by the Mywater chemical keeps the filter better and reduces the interval between changing them significantly.

The right cleaner saves the components of the outdoor hot tub.

Unlike chlorine or chlorine based cleaners are really bad for the bath pump, heater and plumbing. MyWater chemical keeps the pipeline in good condition, does not load the hot tub’s heating resistance, pump shafts or other sensitive components.