We have compiled on this page the most common questions about our products. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Other Questions, please contact us.

Yes, MyWater is the easiest and most effective chlorine-free chemical compound on the market based on the cleaning effect of oxygen.

Yes, the effect of MyWater’s chemical on bath water has been tested in an accredited, impartial laboratory, as a result of the test, all the bacteria measured in the hot tub water died.

MyWater chemical works at all pH values. However, we recommend measuring the pH and making sure that it is in the range of 6.5-7.6.

The finished MyWater chemical mixture has a neutral pH value. However, the mixture does not change the existing pH value of the hot tub.

Yes you can. MyWater works in all swimming pools, spas and outdoor jacuzzis with a water volume of more than 700 liters and less than 2000 liters.

MyWater does not replace the filtration system, but is an effective cleaning agent after use. We recommend that you add MyWater to the hot tub after each use. Make sure that the substance mixes with the water evenly and everywhere.

Yes you can. The chlorine in the hot tub evaporates from the hot tub water over time. Stop use chlorine when you start use MyWater.

We do not recommend. We cannot be sure what other manufacturers’ ingredients contain and how they react to MyWater’s active ingredients. We recommend that you change the hot tub water before using MyWater.

MyWater’s active ingredient very effectively removes biofilm from the hot tub piping, keeping the piping clean. After the introduction of MyWater, the dirt and biofilm left in the pipeline. Refill hot tub with new fresh water.

No, MyWater is enough to keep the hot tub water clean, clear and odorless.

MyWater’s operation is based on a chemical reaction created by the interaction of substances, which is a fast and efficient way to clean hot tub water. In the reaction, release the gas to evaporate from the hot tub water quickly when the cover is open. In this way, the plastic parts of the hot tub and the cover remain in their original condition.

Yes, after adding MyWater to the hot tub water, chlorine is formed in the hot tub water, which evaporates from the bath as soon as it reacts with the hot tub water, i.e. when you pour the mixture into the bath water. After that MyWater does not leave bound or released chlorine in the bath water.

The power of MyWater is based on the combined effect of oxygen and water.

Yes, using MyWater to clean bath water is safe.

MyWater does not leave any chlorine in the hot tub water, which causes skin irritation for many. MyWater is well suited for users with sensitive skin.

MyWater is added every 1-2 weeks. So the liter bottles last from 5 months to up to 10 months, depending on use.

We recommend adding MyWater every two weeks if the hot tub is only used a once or twice a month. If the use is more frequent, we recommend adding MyWater every week. By adding MyWater every week, you ensure that your hot tub water remains clear, bacteria-free and clean at all times.

You can not. And neither should you. The cleaning effect of MyWater keeps the hot tub clean, destroying bacteria more effectively than other similar substances.

MyWater’s cleaning reaction can cause deposits and foaming if the hardness of the hot tub water is too high. The problem can be solved with substances that change the hardness of the water.