Recommend and maintenance

Here are our recommendations for maintenance of spa baths, hot tubs, smaller pools and Jacuzzis (below all called” baths”).

Use the MyWater solution, the Mywater cleaning effectively removes biofilm from the bath piping and effectively disinfects the water from bacteria and microorganisms without giving the water an odor.

nlike products containing chlorine, they do not dissolve biofilm and can irritate the skin and breathing.

MyWater cleaning product is the most effective and safest way to clean bath water on the market, despite this, take care of the filters, the cleanliness of the cover and other parts of the pool. In this way, you ensure a really clean and pleasant bathing experience every time.

New bath often have residues of water after testing the bath. This water is often very dirty. The bath must be cleaned of water residue well. Fill the pool with clean water, then use a chemical suitable for cleaning the bath pipin, i.e “pipecleaner” etc. Empty the bath, fill with clean water and then you can start using MyWater.

The use of the chemical can be started even if chlorine has already been used as a cleaner, If you used other cleaners or combination in bath, we do not recommend use MyWater before replacing water. We cannot be sure what other manufacturers’ ingredients contain and how they react to MyWater’s active ingredients. We recommend that you change the bath water before using MyWater.


Pour a normal weekly dose of MyWater in the bath water. The bath is disinfected and ready to be used.

We recommend changing the bath filter(s)

We recommend:


Change the filters

Change the water

Use a pipe cleaner, before filling fresh water

Clean the bath surfaces and cover carefully

The humidity in the cover creates growth of microorganisms and algae, especially in warm and humid environment. If the cover is getting heavier, it implies that is has absorbed humidity. There is a big risk that the water in the bath will get contaminated by bacteria from the lid that drops down in the water and starts to smell. 

We recommend keeping the cover in good condition. An intact cover insulates the heat better. It is easier to handle and does not leave bacteria in the bath.

The smell in the bath water can be caused by a dirty cover, an ozonator, an external liquid that got into the bath water, or an odor coming from the bath piping. We recommend checking the cover, using a pipe cleaner and changing the water. Make sure that you are dosing MyWater every one or two week.

If you can smell a putrid odor like from an old washcloth, it could be coming from the cover that has absorbed humidity and gotten contaminated and then dropped into the water. Pour a normal weekly dose of MyWater and also check if the cover has gotten heavier. In that case, change the cover to a new one and after the change; pour a normal weekly dose of MyWater.


Before a longer break lasting months, add MyWater to the water before emptying the bath, let the substance work for 30 minutes and empty the bath.
Clean the bath surfaces. Remove filters.
The bath is disinfected, and there is no bacterial growth or contamination.

Clean the bath surfaces. Set new filters. Fill the pool with clean water and dose the MyWater chemical according to the instructions.

If you don’t use CleanWaterTech’s products, we recommend that you use our Spa Starter every three months to sanitize, dissolve biofilm, kill bacteria and get rid of contaminations.